Short-Term Goals


I think that everyone has goals or something that they wish to accomplish. My short-term list may look small, but it took some work to get just one item done. Out of the six items below, all six are finally completed, and I actually completed some them and was able to move them to their next stage quicker than I thought I would. Every goal in my short-term section, I wanted to complete within a year or before 2018.

I just finished my final edit for my novel Dedication. Maybe; last edit, after I get it proofread one more time. I now feel that it is time to set some more short-term goals and add to my list of long-term goals.

  • Redo My Motivations sell sheet 

  • Develop promotional flyers for self and My Motivation

  • Design promotional flyers for book club

  • Advertise book club

  • Finish editing Dedication

  • Finish editing DIY book

Long-Term Goals


Out of the four items listed below, I am close to accomplishing two of them. My book club will host a summer event this year, the date to be announced next week. My rough draft for book one of my action series is done after Dedication has been published I will be able to focus entirely on it. I am so excited about it.

  • Finish action series

  • Finish certification for professional proofreader

  • File business license

  • Southside Book Club and Writers Club will host two events this year (2017) ~working on


What goals have you accomplished lately?


*We fail more often than we succeed. I believe this is true; however, every time you start over, get up and stand tall. That failure becomes a success, right? That failure motivated you to keep going; that is why it is also a success. It does not matter if that success was small or big. The point of it all is simple; you kept going!*


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