October 13, 2019

Let me tell you about the new platform I uploaded Rowena on. Draft2Digital, yep, you read it correctly. I branched out into new territory. First, let me tell you that Draft2digital is a smooth site. Everything is laid out for you, and if you don’t know something. There...

Myself I taste myself on your lips (smile) A little tart, a little sweet My juices run down your chin It looks creamy, glistening, and never-ending I want to taste myself again

"My knees buckle at times. The wind pushes, forces me back. I am constantly, losing my ground.

‘Rowena’ I yell at myself. I know I have to dig in. Leaning forward, I take slow, steady steps through the storms until I clear a path for everyone behind me.

Every step I take...

December 10, 2018

This method did/has helped me develop, and make my plot better. Once I determined what my Main Character would be doing. I next had to figure what or who would try to stop her, and develop the scenes and circumstances around these characters. This was only part one of...

October 16, 2018

Authors Reading Tour with Kim L. Walton

The tour has started for Southside Book and Writers Club members. Currently, four of us are reading our published work to a live audience. Wow, there are times when I am nervous, scared, and excited all in one. I am enjoying mysel...

Developing the promotional flyer below, made me step out of my comfort zone. I usually just advertise my books, with a few reviews, and links. However, as with anything, I realized that my marketing plan always has to evolve, and grow, to keep up with the ever-changing...

Breaks down the importance of ISBNs, barcodes & copyrights, where to publish your book and how to do it, and how to price your books as well as marketing & promotion

Also in this video I discussed the promotional activity that Dedication and Kim's DIY will be in over the next few months. I will keep you updated as I work to establish my old and new books on my website so that they can be purchased from here.

Editing programs are great tools, but; you cannot use them alone when cleaning up your book. I have not found one tool, human or editing software, that does not miss or get things wrong. Remember that with different cultures, and environments, People will write the way...

‘Rhythm to my beat’ was a solid story, the storyline flowed nonstop. From Sinceres' first glance, of Shai to the drama, that caused their breakup. Shai was the victim in this story. This story was about first love, betrayal, and loss.

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