Note: Everything I do; works for me and over the years these methods have helped me make myself transparent to my current customers and my future customers. I feel that this builds trust between us.

January 13, 2019

What methods do you use to protect yourself when accepting public speaking engagements? Did you draft a Letter of Agreement?

Southside Book and Writers Club just launched it’s Authors Reading Tour, from October 6 to November 17. We will be reading our past, present, and future work. I know this is a huge; undertaking, for our first time out! This is what I did to market the numerous events a...

Southside Book and Writers Club Review

Disasters in Dating by Danielle Allen

Newly, single, Desiree finds herself going back on the dating scene, after a horrible breakup. Desiree’s friends rally around her and recommend that she use a dating app to meet, and sort out po...

22nd Century Natural Products Homemade Shampoo’s, Soaps, and Hair Conditioners

The marketing plan below is based on me (Kim L Walton). I first started this plan in 2016, over the years it has changed, as I have learned what works for me and what does not. Even though you will see my information as an indie author in each category, you can use thi...

If you remember, I discussed social media in the 24th of March’ Talk Session. Today I am going to go into details or better yet explain what I call round 2 of my marketing plan.

She was in her own intoxicated world until her ex-boyfriend Blake appeared in front of her. She tried politely, asking, him to go away. When that did not work, she decided to just ignore him. Out of nowhere, Keith approached, and he and Blake had a verbal altercation o...

‘Rhythm to my beat’ was a solid story, the storyline flowed nonstop. From Sinceres' first glance, of Shai to the drama, that caused their breakup. Shai was the victim in this story. This story was about first love, betrayal, and loss.

What do publishers do? I would think that most publishers are in the business to make acquisitions, copy editing, production, printing (and its electronic equivalents), marketing, and distribution.

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