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September 14, 2018

I was given an Advance Reader Copy of The Gospel of Uriah

Uriah is a child who has had her world torn apart. She loses the only family she knows and loves in a brutal way.  The book of Uriah deals with love and loss and something so much deeper…PTSD. No person; especial...

September 9, 2018

Book Reviews for my latest reads

Angels Blood by Nalini Singh

5 stars

I loved the storyline between Elena and Rapheal. Elena is a hunter; vampire hunter, she is good at her job and considered by the guild she works for as one of the best. Rapheal is an angel; he hires Ele...

Southside Book and Writers Club Review

Disasters in Dating by Danielle Allen

Newly, single, Desiree finds herself going back on the dating scene, after a horrible breakup. Desiree’s friends rally around her and recommend that she use a dating app to meet, and sort out po...

Developing the promotional flyer below, made me step out of my comfort zone. I usually just advertise my books, with a few reviews, and links. However, as with anything, I realized that my marketing plan always has to evolve, and grow, to keep up with the ever-changing...

That cover is simply awesome; she is big, bold, and fine as hell. The bold red, sucks you in. While the fluttering butterflies, remind you of birth, and being reborn.

Breaks down the importance of ISBNs, barcodes & copyrights, where to publish your book and how to do it, and how to price your books as well as marketing & promotion

On their own for four years now Sandra and Alyssa (Motivation), find themselves still in Charlottesville, VA trying to navigate this maze called life. Sandra has learned that labels and tags are used to describe single parents and that the world is much harsher. As har...

Editing programs are great tools, but; you cannot use them alone when cleaning up your book. I have not found one tool, human or editing software, that does not miss or get things wrong. Remember that with different cultures, and environments, People will write the way...

I decided to combine June and July together. I also decided to show some love to some authors that attended the 3rd annual Indie Urban Literature Festival, some of these books  I have read, and some I have not.


Keondra Freeman ~ Things you left Behind

Toya Vickers...

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