October 23, 2017

Do you see how stepping out and offering something different can bring more to you and your life? Hence the title of this Talk Session, go inside of a craft store and figure out how you can accent your event tables, make them more attractive, fun and inviting, and at a...

September 7, 2017

Marketing is fundamental to the success of any entrepreneur, business, or company’s growth. On page 43 of Kim’s Do It Yourself Guide, I talked about using social media.

September 5, 2017

The purpose of this Talk Session is not only to discuss my experience with the Black Business Expo. It is also to explain why marketing is important to any company, business, or entrepreneur.

SBWC is trying and testing new ways to post and share reviews. This review was done using Facebook live, we want to know if the information was spoken clearly for you to hear. Do you think tha...

As a Virginia native, I see my state being torn apart once again due to racial violence, ignorance, and just plain old stupidity. What is CHAOS?  Chaos is what I see happening, I see mass confusion, division, and separation that can and will lead us to civil war if we...

This was the first weekend in a month and a half that I did not have to attend an event, host a book club meeting or instruct a workshop. Not to mention the numerous other duties that come with being a self-published author, wife, mother, nana, doctor, referee, snake f...

I am asked a lot about how I prepare; no, how I manage my time to write, with my family and other duties that could and do distract me. Finding time to write is hard, much harder than I expected. If someone had told me that, I would wake up in the middle of the night,...

What an awesome day for the book club. We first conducted a workshop at the library on 25th street(Richmond, VA); this was the first one and a learning experience for all involved. I shared what I used when I first started writing as a teen, or what I was taught as a t...

Parts of this Talk Session are from a previous post I did back in February 2017. I keep falling or walking into discussions about Editors. People do not like my opinion on the matter, so why do they bother to ask me such questions. No, I will not pay a machine or perso...

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