October 13, 2019

Let me tell you about the new platform I uploaded Rowena on. Draft2Digital, yep, you read it correctly. I branched out into new territory. First, let me tell you that Draft2digital is a smooth site. Everything is laid out for you, and if you don’t know something. There...

Rowena’s Playlist is diverse, and it actually shows some of the music that I love to listen to when I write. Give me R&B, Smooth Jams, Rap, Rock, Jazz, and so on!

November 23, 2018

I discovered book Blurbs not only on the back of books, but also on book covers, and jackets. These areas were the reason for the different sizes in Blurbs in my opinion. So, what is the standard or recommended size of a Book Blurb? I noticed that eBook Blurbs are arou...

The weird part about all of this was that the book in my head was not Rowena, or Rowena Hunting, or the other three books in the Sisterhood Series. I started on a new book “Kiya and Kindred,” even the name came to me right away. With everything else that I am currently...

This was my third time attending The Indie Urban Lit Fest. Yeah, I made it through. I probably left an hour early; instead of five, I left around four. I normally stay until an event ends. However, since I am just getting back into the groove of me. Yes, me! I am liste...

Rowena removes her arm from around Porsha’s neck; bring her arm up so that the flat of her hand (palm) smashes into Porsha’s wrest. This action caused the gun to fire in the direction of the driver, who all this time was leaning against the door praying for dear life....

February 11, 2018

What do other people do when they can’t sleep? For me, I have tried counting those sheep. Hell; I end up dressing them, and combing their hair after I get tired of counting.

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