October 20, 2019

I needed to accept them, and I decided that I would. Basically, I accepted what I can't change. This hurts like hell. But you have to take the good and the bad of life. Accept the things you just can't fix or change. Accept that life begins and ends for everybo...

October 13, 2019

Let me tell you about the new platform I uploaded Rowena on. Draft2Digital, yep, you read it correctly. I branched out into new territory. First, let me tell you that Draft2digital is a smooth site. Everything is laid out for you, and if you don’t know something. There...

Myself I taste myself on your lips (smile) A little tart, a little sweet My juices run down your chin It looks creamy, glistening, and never-ending I want to taste myself again

Have you ever just wanted to have an answer to something? When my father killed my mother, I was too depressed and going through my own issues at the time. What I remember most is wanting to ask him why? Why kill or hurt her when he could have just left her alone? It t...

When I first decided that I would publish my writings. I was told that I needed a Facebook author page right away. Well; you know, it took me almost six years to finally do a page. It took that long because I felt that I could not handle an author page, along with the...

Rowena’s Playlist is diverse, and it actually shows some of the music that I love to listen to when I write. Give me R&B, Smooth Jams, Rap, Rock, Jazz, and so on!

This short story is a dream that I had. At this time, I don't have plans to turn it into a book. So; I decided to share it with my audience as is. It has not been edited. As they say "as is," that is exactly what this little short story is.

Tell me what you think? Do yo...

Book Review of Stacey Covington-lee, “When Love Aint Enough”

‘When Love Aint Enough’ was scheduled for Southside Book and Writers Club, April review. However, the book club had an opportunity to do an event together. Of course, you know that we all chose the event. But...


FAITH & FOCUS have been my words for April. Of course, I do have other words, but these two are, have been my go-to as they say.

Power Words; what are they? My definition of a Power Word; Is a word that helps you or guides you to the outcome you desire. I spe...

Note: Everything I do; works for me and over the years these methods have helped me make myself transparent to my current customers and my future customers. I feel that this builds trust between us.

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October 20, 2019

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